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Experience is a form of education. Education creates knowledge. Knowledge, not opinions, is the tool used to make the best decisions. Everyone can have their own opinion, but we all work with the same set of facts. I start by listening.



8 years on the Shakopee School Board

4 years as the State Representative for Shakopee

Chairman of multiple school district and city committees.

Past President Shakopee Youth Football

Past President Shakopee Youth Track Program

Past President Shakopee Girls Basketball Association

Past Board Member Shakopee Boys Baseball Program





Anyone committing a criminal act must be apprehended. There must be consequences for bad behavior, not only for the person committing the act, but for our youth we are trying to raise to be productive citizens.

Three types of people commit crimes:

  • Mentally ill people
  • People with addictions
  • Criminals

Once apprehended we need to get these folks to where they can be effectively dealt with. Rather than allow excuses for why bad behavior happened, we need to prioritize ensuring that it does not occur again and again. We fund this by reallocating money now going to ineffective programs.

  • The distribution of funding through Non-Profits is not working.
  • Put a three-year sunset on Non-Profits allocations.
    • Non-Profits are organizations who just don’t pay taxes
    • Leadership in most of them are well paid
    • This means their budget goes to zero after three years
  • They then have the opportunity and responsibility to demonstrate how effective they have been in solving the problems they contend to address.

There are so many Non-Profits duplicating solutions to the problem of crime. As a legislator I would ask a Non-Profit requesting funding, “What other Non-Profits are working on this same problem?”

I am a law-and-order person.


Taxes and Spending

In Erik Mortenson’s first year in office, they passed a budget with the biggest budget surplus in history. Through income taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, and fees, we over pay the state $1,224 per person.

  • At a time when families and small businesses are hurting, the state government collected 7.7 billion dollars in taxes, it has nothing to spend it on.
  • Currently the government has $2.656 billion in savings above that.
  • At the same time the government is collecting $7.7 billion more in taxes than it has expenses to spend money on.

What has Bob done?

When serving on the Health and Human Service Committee, Bob cut 1.7 million dollars of waste out of the budget.

  • Cut Funded studies that have gone on for over 7 years
  • Cut Funds paid to departments for positions that are not filled
  • Cut redundant programs

What has Erik Mortenson done?

  • Pledged smaller government
  • Actually, has done nothing


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