Tax dollars should be used to benefit our community not force a change in behavior. We should be use our automotive sales tax dollars to benefit our roads and bridges.


Right now we have a problem because public education is trying to be all things to all people, which is costing us results. School districts should be required to prioritize programs based on effectiveness of teaching students to learn. Effective budgeting can then be done. Education is a big item on the State budget. But students need to be held responsible for their results. Self determination leads to a fulfilling life.


Fiscal Disparity forces communities such as Shakopee to send taxes paid in our town to communities that have not worked to develop a thriving business climate. Currently, we are sending money to Bloomington which has worked to prevent development across the river by blocking more bridges to cross the river. If elected I will work to have the taxes paid in Shakopee spent to benefit our community.

Any program enacted should solve problems. That means that problem no longer exists. To this end, I believe there should be a “Sunset” clause on every expenditure, which eliminates the program after a set period of time. We fund programs that perpetuate the very poverty and dependence everyone says they want to eliminate. Zero base budgeting would prevent government from continually spending money on ineffective programs because they were once a promising idea.

There are also certain issues that I hold dear These are values that I vow to protect:


As the father of four, nothing is more important to me and my wife Denise than our family. I know how precious each life is and you can count on me to stand for life and protect the unborn.

2nd Amendment

As a gun owner and outdoorsman I know here in Minnesota the 2nd Amendment isn’t just a right, it is a way of life. I have created many memories hunting with my children in Minnesota fields. And for the past twenty years I have had the privilege of teaching gun safety to our next generation of sportsmen in association with the DNR. I understand the importance of responsible gun owners and our right to bear arms, and I will always fight to protect our second amendment freedoms and gun rights.